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Colors of Provence Sailing
Black History of Paris Tour

June 12, 2025 to June 22, 2025

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Embarking on an adventure of exploration, with our dear friends Phd Travel Diva is absolutely thrilled to have been chosen for the exclusive "A Soulful Epicurean Experience" River Cruises organized by AMA Waterways. This one of a kind program presents an opportunity to sail through the towns of France while immersing ourselves in the fascinating history of African and African American culture.

Our journey begins in Arles, where we will follow in the footsteps of artists such as Josephine Baker, Claude McKay and Alexander Dumas. Marseille, known as the city in France eagerly awaits our exploration. In Avignon we will have the privilege of visiting Jean Paul Blacheres foundation and discovering a collection of sculptures, paintings and photographs created by visionary artists from Africa.

Next stop is the enchanting commune of Viviers nestled gracefully along the Rhone river. From there we will venture towards Grignan, a captivating Provençal village perched atop a hill. An optional truffle hunting excursion awaits those who're interested – an opportunity to join a local farmer and his loyal canine companion in search of the highly prized "Black Diamond" truffles.

In Tournon get ready for a steam train ride that unveils awe inspiring landscapes carved along the Gorge du Doux. The journey includes a stop, at Colombier le Vieux Saint Barthélemy le Plain. A station that adds more charm to this memorable experience. As we prepare for our return trip watch as the train deftly maneuvers its way 

As the ship sets sail towards Vienne there's an exhilarating jazz performance eagerly anticipated. It will be presented by musicians promising a delightful experience where you can't help but tap your fingers to the rhythm.

In Vienne we'll have the pleasure of enjoying a delightful morning jazz concert while also experiencing a tasting session, with three wines; Condrieu, Hermitage and Côte Rôtie. Once we return to the ship there will be a lecture on board that explores the history of France and its colonies. The topics covered will include the abolition of slavery, prisons, the presence of missionaries from Lyon in Africa and other intriguing aspects.

Next on our itinerary is Lyon, known as the Culinary Capital of France." You'll have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a tasting tour designed exclusively for this journey, at the iconic Les Halles Market. Here you can relish in the flavors of delicacies imported from North Africa such as stuffed peppers, regional pastries, hummus and more.


To wrap up our journey we'll hop off in Lyon. Make our way, to Paris by train. The City of Light calls out to us inviting us to delve into centuries of history that can be explored at locations both within and around the city. Marvel at the Arc de Triomphe and the Monument to the Abolition of Slavery while our guide shares captivating stories about the Code noir—a decree put forth by King Louis XIV in 1685 that laid out the terms and conditions of slavery.

Moving along on our tour you'll pass through Montmartre where you can gain insights, into its cabaret scene and the legendary jazz musicians who have left an indelible mark here. Before long take a stroll through the district renowned for its diverse culinary offerings and vibrant street vendors.. Don't miss out on visiting Little Africa—a gallery space and cultural initiative nestled in Pariss La Goutte d'or district.

As we sail along during our cruise your journey will be enriched with jazz concerts well as delightful wine and food tastings.

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Day 1


River Cruise Embarkation

Day 5


Steam train ride
OR Red Wine & Chocolate
OR Hermitage Hike & Wine Tasting

Day 8



Day 2


Arles Walking Tour
OR Bike tour
OR Van Gogh walking tour
Les Baux de Provence

Day 6


Roman ruins walking tour
OR Mount Pipet hike
OR ViaRhôna bike tour

Day 9


Exclusive Josephine Baker Excursion

Day 3


Morning walking tour and Papal Palace
OR Avignon Bike Tour
OR Tastes of Avignon
Pont Du Gard

Day 7


Lyon City Tour
OR Les Halles Market Tour
OR Lyon Bike Tour

Beaujolais Excursion and tasting

Day 10


"Black History of Paris" Tour

Day 4


Grignan Truffle Farm
OR Viviers Walking Tour
OR Viviers Hike
OR Viviers Bike Tour

Day 8



Day 11


Return Flight Home


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A deposit of $450 per person is required until April 15, 2024, beyond which the deposit will increase to $550. It is important to note that 2nd Guest Pricing is currently discounted until May 1, 2024,

and will reflect 1st Guest pricing after May 1. Please note that the discounted pricing will be adjusted after booking.  

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